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Baroque Music Community and Educational
Trust of New Zealand

The Baroque Music Community and Educational Trust of New Zealand began with Tomas Hurnik, a cellist that had moved from the Czech Republic to live in Christchurch New Zealand. His passion was Baroque music, but there was no existing Baroque Music scene on the South Island. Thus he began bringing musicians from Europe and other areas of New Zealand  together to perform and tour New Zealand under the name Beautiful World of Baroque Music. His intention was always to offer the highest quality of Baroque music and educate amateurs and professionals alike in the art and beauty of authentic Baroque interpretation. This tradition has continued to this day with yearly concerts and workshops. The trust also cooperates with other charities such as Champion Centre, bringing the therapeutic value of Baroque music to children with disabilities. For more information on how we bring Baroque music to New Zealand.




Dr Stephen Hardman

Business Development Manager, South Island, NZMS (New Zealand Micrographic Services)



Professor Pavel Castka

Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

University of Canterbury



Tomas Hurnik

Baroque and Modern Cello


Concert Organizer

Associate Principal for Christchurch Symphony

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